Many of us have some kind of addiction, whether substance (drgus and alcohol) or a kind of unwanted habit or behavior.

As loved ones we also osuffer. Being relatives of people with this problem makes us CO-DEPENDENTS. Difficult as it may seem, we are more in a position to make appropriate decision.

It takes a special kind of courage to seek answers and resolutions that will lead to change. This COURAGE will make you a SURVIVOR and NOT A VICTIM of the past brought about by addiction and behavioral problems.

At Roads and Bridges, we appreciate your courage to take on that challenge. We also recognize the fear which accompanies your decision to seek recovery. MANY OF US HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE NOW. We will work with you, utilizing our experience and specialized training. RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE. We will guide you in a journey to recovery.

Services offered:

  1. Drug testing
  2. Drug Detoxification
  3. In-Patient Drug Rehabilitation
  4. Behavioral Modification Programs for the Disobedient Adolescents
  5. Family Therapy
  6. After-Care Service