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Located a breath away from Ortigas Center Metro Psych Facility is not only accessible to our consultants but to our clients and their families as well.

We have established our facility at a new building with ample parking space and a garden laid out with ornamental plants and trees used for our clients' recreation and relaxation.

Our facility includes a basketball court that may also be used for volleyball games.

Our facility is a haven that provides shelter and care. Truly a home away from home.

Metro Psych Facility
Roads and Bridges to Recovery
#520 Dr. Sixto Antonio Avenue, MayBunga, Pasig City
Open 24 hours daily

+63.2.6436006 / +63.2.6436056
+63.2.6408395 / +63.2.6435788

Cebu Metro Psych Facility
Upper Malibu Beach Street
Subangdaku, Mandaue City

+63.32.3442141 / +63.32.3442112