RBR is not only a drug treatment and rehabilitation facility, it also addresses problematic non-chemically induced behaviors such as gambling and different forms of addiction. Its treatment philosophy is anchored on the therapeutic community, where the trainee participates in his own treatment by becoming part of a group whose aim is to overcome behavioral problems through adherence to a strict set of rules that govern his or her behavior in the duration of his or her stay in the Center.

However, this community is guided by professionals, particularly psychiatrists, internists, psychologists, social workers, nurses and a para-professionals team composed of trainees who have finished the program themselves. This team guides trainees through the process of recovery as they experience the therapeutic community.

Although the therapeutic community is the backbone of RBR’s treatment philosophy, the treatment plan for each trainee varies and is individualized to suit their specific physical, mental and emotional condition.

RBR facilities are also located in the city centers, which allows access to premiere medical facilities as the need arises.